2015 in 365 Seconds

2015 was a very good year. It was also a very tiring one. And like most other years and most other people, it had its own share of annoying stuff and delicious stuff and fist pumping and ugly crying, losses, celebrations, victories, road trips, airplane trips, belly laughing, injuries, unexpected delights and regular old boring stuff. Y'know, life.

2015 was also the second consecutive year I carried a camera everywhere I went in order to irritate my friends, colleagues and loved ones with my incessant collection of moments both meaningful and blackmail-able. In 2014, this exercise proved to be both illuminating and life affirming. This year, it helped me pay attention to the smallest moments and most important things during a year that would otherwise have been a complete blur. There were so many highs, milestones, and victory laps; so many stressful moments and head-spinning sleepless nights; so much going on at such breakneck speed, that I am glad to have a record of it all. 

Once again, I am humbled by the people I get to spend my days with, who fill up my lens with their trust and laughter and nonsense and honesty and music and adolescence and brilliance and joy. To have this community of artists, musicians, writers and smartypants, weirdos and oddballs, foodmakers and gardenmakers and substancemakers, comedians and goofballs. To have all this love. Well, that's everything really.

See the 2014 video here.