366 Seconds :: 2016

As we tie a bow on the Year That Was 2016, I won't wax too poetic on three years into this little experiment of stringing together my Life in Seconds. 2014? Illuminating, Life Affirming. 2015? Celebratory and Thrilling. Two Thousand and Sixteen was, as I think it was for many people, A YEAR. A Year we won't soon forget, as much as many of us might like to. In Chinese Astrology, it was the Year of the Fire Monkey, which can be described as "Ambitious and adventurous, but irritable." Sound about right? Personally, I'm ready for Year of the Lamb or Year of the Sleeping Cat or Year of the Wrapped in Blankets Taking a Nap, but I don't think the Rooster has that in store. And so it goes.

For me, 2016 was the year we nearly lost my mom to a very close call with Sepsis. I don't recommend it. And of course, there was the election. And gum surgery. But it was also the year of Food. Lots of amazing food. And music. Lots of great music. That's what happens when you work with restauranteurs and your beloved is a drummer. It also means too many moments in loud places, which is a sound editing nightmare, but who even has the ear drums left to notice?

My big takeaway in my 3rd year of doing this is that it is less the story of my year and more the story of my community's year. The most satisfying part of making this video each year is not necessarily the reminder of "Oh yes! That day we drove to Newburyport and had dinner at The Market and it was as hot as balls!" -- as much as I am grateful for the reminder and the living document. But to see the recognition in the eyes of friends and family and even strangers of "Oh yes! This is US! This is ALL of us! I remember!" That is the very best part. 

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